boom1 S3 [bu:m] n
1¦(increase in business)¦
2¦(when something is popular)¦
5¦(long pole)¦
6¦(on a river/harbour)¦
[Sense: 1-3; Date: 1400-1500; Origin: BOOM2]
[Sense: 4-6; Date: 1500-1600; : Dutch; Origin: 'tree, long piece of wood']
1.) ¦(INCREASE IN BUSINESS)¦ [singular]
a quick increase of business activity
≠ ↑slump
The boom has created job opportunities.
boom in
a sudden boom in the housing market
consumer/investment/property etc boom
the post-war property boom
boom years/times
In boom times, airlines do well.
the economic boom of the 1950s
The economy went from boom to bust (=from increasing to decreasing) very quickly.
→↑boom town
2.) ¦(WHEN SOMETHING IS POPULAR)¦ [singular]
an increase in how popular or successful something is, or in how often it happens
the disco boom of the 1970s
boom in
the boom in youth soccer in the U.S.
→↑baby boom
3.) ¦(SOUND)¦
a deep loud sound that you can hear for several seconds after it begins, especially the sound of an explosion or a large gun
the dull boom of the cannons
4.) ¦(BOAT)¦
a long pole on a boat that is attached to the bottom of a sail, and that you move to change the position of the sail
5.) ¦(LONG POLE)¦
a) a long pole used as part of a piece of equipment that loads and unloads things
b) a long pole that has a camera or ↑microphone on the end
something that is stretched across a river or a ↑bay to prevent things floating down or across it
boom 2
boom2 v
[Date: 1400-1500; Origin: From the sound]
1.) [I usually in progressive]
if business, trade, or a particular area is booming, it is increasing and being very successful
Business was booming , and money wasn't a problem.
Tourism on the island has boomed.
2.) also boom (sth <=>) out [T]
to say something in a loud deep voice
'Ladies and gentlemen,' his voice boomed out.
3.) also boom out
to make a loud deep sound
Guns boomed in the distance.
>booming[i] adj
a booming economy

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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